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Do you lack motivation? Or do you just want someone to guide you the right way into getting fit? 


What’s involved? The first consultation is on me! That's right, a  saving of £40. 


1 on 1 Personal Training​

​per hour - £40
per half hour - £25  


​4 x one hour sessions - £165
8 x one hour session - £320


2 on 1 Personal Training
per hour - £35 p/p

4 x one hour session - £275

8 x one hour session - £545

Small Group Training/Bootcamp
Small group personal training is a great way to get into shape quickly. It offers you the benefits of one-on-one personal training but allows you to have the fun of training with others and it also works out cheaper.​ ** 6 MAX **


£15 p/p 

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